antenna range calculations and questions

antenna range calculations and questions

Postby masqIt » Sat Aug 17, 2002 5:22 pm


I am setting up a wireless network on a hillside for some people in a community 2.5 miles away. I will be using 801.11a over the valley for connectivity.

question 1: I am mounting an antenna on my roof and beaming to the community. Now, I have to figure out other things, but one I wanted to get settled was common distances for certain frequencies and also equations that help me calculate range and signal strength.

question 2: using my wonderful math knowledge and this page ( I was able to figure out my signal spread but I cannot validate it. Can someone help me out here. Using 7 degree 23dBi diapole antenna on 5.8ghz what would my coverage be once I got 2.5 miles away?

any links or info would be greatly appreicated for calulation of strengh, range, and other above mentioned items for q1 and q2.

Here is a cool conversions page:

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