FAB-CORP, Stumbler Special, Borg Man

FAB-CORP, Stumbler Special, Borg Man

Postby blackwave » Sat Sep 21, 2002 11:16 am

Question: What is The Stumbler Special?

Answer: as quoted below...
Originally posted by Borg Man 09-20-2002 08:25 AM

Stumbler Specials EXPAND!!!
Since the begining of NetStumbler, Fleeman Anderson & Bird Corp, aka FAB-CORP has been a part of this team by brining great deals for fellow stumblers.

We started the special with the Mini Mag and 19" pigtail for $85.00 in the US delivered.

A couple months ago we added the 60 inch pigtail to the deal at $17.00.

Now, we are expanding it again. Of course our old specials will stand as they always have.

The new specials are as follows:

The following connectors are now a flat $3.50 each.

N Female Panel Mounts
N Male for LMR-400
N Female for LMR-400
N Male for LMR-195
N Female for LMR-195

24 dBi Grid Pac Wireless antennas are now $65.00
19 dBi Panel Antenna is now $65.00

There is no current expiration on these - but they may go away if they don't take off.

The grid and the 19 panel will ship GROUND service unless specified otherwise, they are in large boxes, and will cost about $25 on the grid (due to its 25 X 25 X 7 size).

As always make sure you let us know when you order at http://www.fab-corp.com/ that you are a stumbler, and you want the items under the special. If you want something other than default shipping - be sure to let us know.

Questions, please ask.

Borg Man

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