FAQ Forums Rules

FAQ Forums Rules

Postby Thorn » Sun Feb 09, 2003 2:57 pm

The FAQ Forums are to maintain a series of threads of Frequently Asked Questions which have not made it into the actual FAQ documents.

1) The FAQ forums are for just FAQs and FAQs alone. General questions (without an answer) will be moved out to the appropriate forms, at the discretion of the moderators. If the question is a crosspost, duplicated elsewhere, or is otherwise a waste of space, then the thread may be locked and/or deleted, again at the discretion of the moderators.

2) The FAQ forums are NOT, I repeat NOT, for asking of general questions. That is why the standard forums are here.

So if you see a question (and know the answer) that is posted frequently, and feel that it should be here, please add it to the existing threads. It should be in the Q and A format and credit the original people who asked and answered the question. Lately, these forums have become overrun with general questions, mainly by newbies unable or unwilling to post to the correct forums. This has resulted in senior members unhappy with newbies, and increased flames, and people crying when their threads are locked, deleted or moved.

The Moderators make an on-going effort to clear the FAQ Forums of some of the dead threads and move the content into either the appropriate forums or FAQ threads.

Due to the shear number of people who kept posting general questions in the FAQs Forums, they have been closed.

If you have a question you who like to submit to the FAQs, please post it in a regular area, and contact a Moderator. The Mod will then move it to the correct FAQ section.
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