need advice on setup, and yes i read the FAQs :)

need advice on setup, and yes i read the FAQs :)

Postby mp3coupe » Fri Dec 27, 2002 12:23 pm

Im in the market for an antenna setup. Im not sure if im going to buy the stumber special just yet.
What im really confused about is the pig tail and the cable from the stumbler special. What i really need is about 4-5 feet of cable(laptop on seat and the antenna out the moonroof.
Heres what i want to do and know. Is it best to get a 60inch pigtail (LMR-100A coax) and use a home made omni found here. Or run a 12inch pigtail and use 48inches or less of the cable that is used on the stumber special(LMR-240)?
PS to those that are reading this and have a home made antenna how long is your cable and which cable... maybe this will understand a little better
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Postby ck3k » Fri Dec 27, 2002 11:13 pm

I purchased the Stumbler Special and I have been very happy with it, the little pigtails like to break and are very weak, where as the main coaxial is a very tuff cable. So a little pigtail and then a long run of the tuff coaxial cable to the antenna would be optimal.
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