Will bare wire work?

Postby Entropy42 » Sat Sep 07, 2002 10:09 am

Originally posted by mrplowsupreme
Will RG58 A/U 50 ohm cable work?

If you keep the cable length short.

It's gonna be pretty lossy at 2.4 GHz, but if it's a short run (< 5 feet, preferably less) you should be fine.

As to bare coax - I agree, once you have the pigtail, etc, you might as well homebrew yourself a proper antenna.

Super-cheap/easy way to do it (Pictures forthcoming)

60-inch Orinoco pigtail from fab-corp.com ($23, apparently only $17 if you mention in the order comments that it's for Netstumbling)
Panel mount female N connector, a shade under $5 from Fab-Corp

Take the panel-mount N and solder a quarter-wave piece of copper wire (Solid wire from a heavy-duty power cord works well). Again, that's approx. 1.22 inches.

Take some string. Glue both ends to the tip of the antenna with Krazy Glue.

You now have an antenna with a loop of string on the end that lets you hang it from your rearview mirror. It's not as good as an external magmount (esp. the Fab 5 dBi models), but it's far better than nothing and VERY easy to make.
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Postby outcast_p » Thu Sep 19, 2002 2:23 pm

how about an antenna from a cordless phone? one of the 2.4GHZ ones. or the antenna from the base station of one.

would that work?

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Postby Thorn » Fri Sep 20, 2002 3:26 am

That would work, since 2.4GHz is 2.4GHz. In fact those phones work right in the same ISM band as 802.11b, so they're perfect.

Now, your only trouble is getting a tx line which matches the phone antenna's connector on one end, and the card's connector on the other.
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