1 ap 1 comp 30 connections?

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1 ap 1 comp 30 connections?

Postby tr0n » Thu Apr 10, 2003 8:00 am

My friend and i are trying to set up a peer to peer link. we have 2 orinioco golds with win2k on both laptops.

cannot see each other in "computers near me".
ips are & .2 masks are class c 0.
same workgroup.
can see each other when a router is used.

OK my question about netstumbler is this:
Netstumbler will only see the other laptop (which is set to peer to peer) if i edit my configuration in the orinoco client manager and cancel out about half way through (or just let it sit there half way through the edit).

The wierd thing is that it picks up a new signal (beacon?) exactly every 10 seconds. So after 1 minute i have 5 inactive signals and 1 active, after 2 min i have 11 inactive, 1 active, and so on.

and does it relate to my p2p probs?

o yeah we can ping each other
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Postby TheSovereign » Thu Apr 10, 2003 11:42 am

win2k requires a working Active directory or WINS database server to use the computers near me

goto start
goto run
it will ask for user and password
for the user use Administrator
type in HIS administrator password
and their u go
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