802.11 and free broadband access

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802.11 and free broadband access

Postby Guest » Tue Sep 18, 2001 7:22 pm

Ive been wardriving for about a year now, and have had much success, but if anyone is interested in free wifi broadband
go to www.surfandsip.com, search their data base, if there is a AP in your state it will tell you where, down to the street address, when you get there, the SSID is surfandsip, and use your DHCP client to grab an IP, (usually in the 10.0.8.* range) you have to sign up for an account on surf and sip at their site, using their wifi network is free until december 31st, 2001.... once you have an IP open lynx (console OBSD here!) , or mozilla, or whatever, it will take you to their homepage, enter your user/pass and your bueno!

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