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yes well i think mr brady would be the only person that could tell us that as he was the one in th emeeting..

an i was wrong when i said intermec bought Norand that is also not true as Unova bought Intermec, Norands, Maxiscan, a printing company, and a print label company also called intermec but not intermec the barcode company. then what happened was both intermec and Norand were still releasing both peices of equipment with their own name on it and the name of the other company but in smaller letters. so NORAND intermec, and INTERMEC norand. but when they started to merge all the companies together the most of the management that they kept ware Intermec so the management started to faze out the Norand name. but most of the design and engineering staff were Norand, they then moved the Printer side of things to sweeden as the printer company was from there and the Intermec printers then came under the control of them.

However they made a big mistake when they merged the companies, and moved most of the teams to Everett as the average experiance in the Interemc was 5 years but if they did it the other way and moved everyone to Cedar rapids, the average experiance level of some one in CR was 13 years.

if you look at the new products out to day you can see which side of the manufacturing team designed them

600, 700, 6640, 6650, all came from the NOrand side of development

the 24xx, 5020, 2101, 2102, came from the Intrermec team

the 5055 the first joint venture half in CR and the other half in EV and the 2435 was also a joint venture but it was the first as the one design team merged. I dont know about what is happening now as I no longer work for them but when the CISCO meetings were going ahead, Intermec had gone through the worst part of it. but we were told that this week we may be working and next week may be not... Because i am in Europe i got all the juicie news when i came to work and they went to bed...
It was quite cool as we thought if cisco do buy us then all the engineers will have to go out and get free courses from them.. but no.....

Symbol for the last year has also been going through the same problems that intermec went through three years before and that is why they moved the plant to mexico. Intermec moved there production plant to some Asian country but cant remember. (whooo slave laber ... go go go)
Intermec thought hey were going to be hit hard when Symbol wrote off some thing like 30million dollers worth of equpment and just dumped it on the market. Thats whay symbol went really cheap just over a year ago.

My eye on on the market is now with proxim.. before they were the ones who powered all the radios before 802.11b came out but their big mistake came when, 802.11b was released because they said that 802.11b FH was the way to go so they dropped the initial plan to go for DS. this is where they made their biggest mistake. Before this nearlly every 2.4Ghz radio was the RangeLan family card. this is why Intermec and all the other large companies went for Lucent. Intermec and Lucent were partners for the development for the 802.11b DS radio and produced the card that you see today as the orinoco Bronze, Silver, Gold.

Then when lucent/Wavelan sold the card to Agere the partnership went sour so intermec started to look at IBM, and other companies for their new cards. As you know Agere was then sold to Orinoco and now Proxim.. What i am now confused with is, Intermec owns the patent for multiple Radio access points. Part of the deal with Lucent when developing the radio lucent were allowed to build duel radio access points. Now that Agere/Orinoco/Proxim have the radio they can now legely build duel radio access points. But why let the competitors have the patent? well except for money!!
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