More WEP in Manhattan...

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More WEP in Manhattan...

Postby mvario » Tue May 27, 2003 4:17 pm

Just some recent stats.

Hadn't been out stumbling since the weather got cold last fall, but I had to take a little trip crosstown (Manhattan) and back so I brought my gear for my first spring war-bus ride.

The Percent of WEP sites has gone way up. It used to be about 20 percent. I came across 372 sites total. Of that, 174 had WEP enabled. That's almost 47%

But, of the non-WEP sites there were:

2 tmobile SSID (Starbucks, no WEP)
5 Verizon Wi-Fi SSID (no WEP) Agere (Lucent) Orinoco

which are public and use login security (or are intentionally open, in the case of So that brings it up to almost 48% of the AP's having WEP turned on. A big increase to what I saw in the same area 8 months ago.

Some other meaningless statistics

2 "tsunami" SSID (all WEP)
4 "Airport" SSID (all WEP)
10 "SpeedStream" SSID (1 WEP)
12 "Apple Network" and the last 3 bytes of the MAC address SSID (none WEP)
16 "default" SSID (none WEP)
18 "Wireless" SSID (2 WEP/16 no WEP)
60 "linksys SSID" (7 WEP/53 no WEP)

Mostly if the default SSID was changed then WEP was probably turned on

Channel 1 - 97 AP's
Channel 6 - 144 AP's
Channel 10 - 40 AP's
channel 11 - 38 AP's
and a few AP's on each of the other channels

Lastly, if you are acquainted with NYC neighborhoods, there were a much higher percentage of open access points in the East Village/Lower East Side, and conversly, a much higher percent of WEP-enabled access points in the West Village.
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Postby digitaldd » Thu May 29, 2003 5:53 am

Chinatown and Alphabet city also have tons of APs floating around. :cool:
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