Searching Database for MAC address: how to

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Searching Database for MAC address: how to

Postby Guest » Sun Dec 16, 2001 8:19 am

"Delta, I do remember your post on how to search the DB by using the mac address to figure out what ofset you should go to, but I never remember deleting it."

Only too happy. :)

Start by opening, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Next 50".

Note the new URL See that "offset=50"?

There are a number of ways to proceed, but until you become familiar with the makeup of the range of MACs in the database, binary division is likely to give you the fastest results. So, let's find out how many APs are in the database today.

Take that second URL and modify the offset to a large number. I'm going to start with 8000 and see where that lands me. Wow! The database has grown since I last checked. I'm still not at the end, so I increase the number the again. By plugging in numbers here I find the database has about 10,750 APs listed.

I'm looking for an AP with MAC of 00:50:12:DE:AD. I just made that MAC up, so I really don't expect to find an AP, but it's a good way to show what I am doing.

I know the database has about 11,000 APs in it, so I am going to divide that in half and use and offset of 5,500. So I enter a URL of All of the APs on this page begin with 00:40, so I know I need to go further into the list.

I'm at 5,500 and there's about 11,000 in the database, so I am going to check at about the halfway point between where I am and the end of the DB, or 8,000. So I enter a URL of

All of the APs on this page have a MAC that begins with 00:50:18. I've gone to far, but I'm close enough now to start guesing about how far back I want to go. I'm going to jump back 200 APs, and use the URL I'm still not far enough back (still looking at APs that begin with 00:50:18) but I'm close so I click on "Previous 50" at the bottom of the page, so I do that.

Now I can see where the database jumps from APs that MACs beginning with 00:40:96 and 00:50:18, and I know my MAC does not exist in the DB.


Postby aFR » Sun Dec 16, 2001 9:51 am

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