Surf and Sip Unreliable

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Surf and Sip Unreliable

Postby Guest » Thu Sep 27, 2001 5:33 pm

Used surfandsip's website to find a coffee house near me with AP. When I got there the owner said surf and sip had never been able to get him online.

Seems like surf and sip's business model is in trouble since they appear to be giving away ~$3,000 worth of hardward to each location and not getting any revenue off of it:( shame.

Surf and Sip in Colorado Springs -> Vaporware

Postby Guest » Wed Dec 12, 2001 5:24 pm

The web indicates that there is a Surf and Sip at Colorado Bean in Briargate. There is no hardware and thus no signal.

I find the same thing for Wayport. The only wayport that is actually deployed here is the Wyndham hotel. The Holiday Inn and the Sheraton Hotel both do not have access points.

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