stongest usb wireless card with detachable antenna

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stongest usb wireless card with detachable antenna

Postby zer0118 » Thu Oct 04, 2012 10:44 am

I need to know which USB wireless device THAT HAS A standard 4-5 inch DETACABLE ANTENNA is the stongest and longest pick up range not the ones with super attachements I need to know the stongest unit first and go from there
I also need to know which one will allow antenna upgrades after the fact

I bought a ralink and I dont know if it failed or what but my laptop has more pickup than it and it boasted long disances

I need it to pickup on G networks mostly so I need it to be stong with G but I want it to have N as well

range is important

then what about speed
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Re: stongest usb wireless card with detachable antenna

Postby zer01118 » Mon Oct 08, 2012 5:12 pm

I did some research and allot of people think that the alfa is the best AWUS036NHR

but what about a dual antenna is this somehow better like the following link ... 3983791_12

and what is with the Mw (millewatts) I seen some on ebay that say even up to 6000Mw the alfa is a 2000\
does a bigger number make for more stonger unit

there was one who thought the UAWIFI usb adapter was better it is a little spendy and I want a detachable antenna which this one does not but its weather proof

anyway I need the base unit to be powerful then add my own upgrades to it via detachable antenna

what do you think is the stongest

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