student house wifi

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student house wifi

Postby tom234 » Wed Aug 24, 2011 6:32 pm

hi all,

I live in a student house with 5 others, the router is far enough away to cause problems with my connection (I have a cheepo wifi n card in my desktop), it s not that far(15m ish) but there's a lot of stuff in the way.

Our ISP is Sky... (UK) and they don't let you use any other routers other than the one they provide (a wireless n router manufactured by Sagem)

My question is, how can I improve my connection 'clientside'?

I think I have 3 options:

A client router (Tp-Link TL-WR743ND)

A better Card (expensive so I'd rather not...)

hi gain antennas (I have had bad experiences buying cheap ones, so recommendations if you recommend this would be great)

thanks all

Re: student house wifi

Postby Brenda » Thu Apr 26, 2012 5:24 am

Hello! I think the first option is the best for you since you do not want to waste much money and solve your problem as quick as possible.

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