anybody know how to get this card to work?

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anybody know how to get this card to work?

Postby inittab » Tue Sep 09, 2003 6:07 am

D-Link DWL-G650 when i hit start scanning under winxp it says a device attached to the system is not functioning, but windows uses the card fine. it says its using NDIS 5.1
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Postby Mr.White » Tue Sep 09, 2003 6:19 am

You are about the second or third person to ask about that card and I don't think the other guys had any luck either. Your best bet is a Classic/Pre-Proxim Orinoco card.
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Postby G8tK33per » Tue Sep 09, 2003 6:22 am

High altitude defenestration should do the trick.
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