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Postby juddaz1982 » Tue May 10, 2011 9:51 pm

Hi newbie here

Im trying to determine, a the amount of networks in my area
b, why i keep losing signal and have a low speed connection on my 'fastest' computer
and c, whether anyone else is using my network

Netstumbler is really good for a, i can see lots of networks in my area
for b, I can see which channels everyone is on and change mine to the supposed path of least resistance
for c, im not sure.

Im looking at the left hand side explorer like pane at the MAC addresses under the channels section, I have my router broadcasting on channel 1 and I can see the MAC address for this, with a lock in deep green. However there is another MAC address that is the level below this (you have to press the plus next to my routers address for it to show. The second MAC address I do not recognise (could it be for the wireless adapter on the computers?) and this then has another 2 points a level down from this. One is a MAC address and another is a blue diamond that just says 1 next to it.

Now on the detail/list view the two 'unknown' MAC addresses are shown and have SSID's that sound like they are for other ISP operators, SKY and BT (im in the uk). Im now concerned that if thats the case why would they be under my wireless router on netstumbler?

As there is no clear userguide for this (the help guide has not been completed as yet) I ask yuo guys for assistance.


Re: Userguide

Postby Starpoint » Sat May 21, 2011 3:52 am

Your wireless router would tell you as it should have the ability to show "connected clients" What I would do is look into how to configure your router so it filters out everyone but your pc's

what type of router do you have?
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