AirPort status icons for D-Link driver

AirPort status icons for D-Link driver

Postby catfood » Mon Aug 23, 2004 11:28 pm

I recently bought a D-Link DWL-122 USB wireless adapter for my iBook. When I loaded the driver and plugged the adapter in, to my horror an ugly red icon popped up. It was then I realized D-Link made their own icons for the status indicator. I've seen my friend's Ti with a nice AirPort icons, which actually fit up there nicely, so I made it my mission to give the D-Link driver a facelift.

The AirPort icons are in transparent TIFF format, which makes them look really nice. D-Link used GIF format (jaggies). I managed to get transparency to work, and blended everything in. After 2 days of work, I had my icons working. So, I figured I'd share them with the world.

If anyone has some web space, and doesn't mind one MB of pictures, please let me know. I can't post them for the lack of any web space. Thanks!
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Yo! catfood! D-Link DWL-122 Icons...

Postby kr3mliyn » Fri Sep 24, 2004 11:14 am

...I know, ugly as sin aren't they?! I'll be setting up a site soon about Electronic Entertianment, Phracking, RetroComputing (with a side order of Cracking). The urls . Were based in the UK (London specifically), but would really like content. Your hack would be a nice addition if we could host it! I've recently just joined the world of Mac Hac's (February) after years of OpenBSD abuse. I LOVE APPLES! At the moment I only poses an iBook G4 (12') and a iPod 3rd Generation (40GB) but will soon be the proud wner of an iMac G5 (kinda ugly, but 64-bit's of processors needed for coding). Hope you reply! Peace.
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