Intersil Prism Drivers - Where did they go???

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Intersil Prism Drivers - Where did they go???

Postby blackwave » Mon Mar 31, 2003 12:05 am

You will notice that any link mentioned here:

will redirect you to here: Forums > FAQ's > MiniStumbler > Intersil Prism Drivers

which has the message for users that want to download them:

We are sorry to inform you that Intersil Corporation will no longer be offering a free evaluation copy of our PRISM Production Driver, PRISM Test Utilities Suite, and Benchmark Pro test software. For information on how to obtain this software please visit our PRISM Software site or contact your local Intersil Sales Office. Existing Intersil customers with a valid reference design and/or software license agreements can still obtain this software through our PRISM Premier Customer Site.

The PRISM Software site can be found at the following URL:

Information on locating your nearest Intersil Sales Office can be found at the following URL:

If you don't understand what this means, understand that posting about finding them other than there site will constitute as software piracy. Please do not post, or request links regarding a free version of this driver... there is none. Intersil has made them not free... just like that, once they were, and now they are not... those whom have them no longer possess free software to give out... it is that simple. Stop asking for them.

Have a nice day.
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