Dell TrueMobile 1400

Dell TrueMobile 1400

Postby Chris » Mon Nov 03, 2003 7:11 am

Q: How do I get my TrueMobile 1400 to work with NetStumbler?

A: The TrueMobile 1400 is an UNSUPPORTED CARD however it will SOMETIMES work with the NDIS 5.1 driver under Windows XP.

Q: Why does NetStumbler crash sometimes with my TrueMobile 1400?

A: Because the TrueMobile 1400 is an unsupported card, the results are sporadic. It may work sometimes, it may not. It may work perfectly on one person's setup, while another with an apparently identical setup will not get it to work. This is the nature of unsupported cards.

Q: Why isn't the TrueMobile 1400 supported, the TrueMobile 1150 was?

A: The TrueMobile 1400 is a rebadged Broadcom card using the Broadcom 4307 chipset. The 1150 was a rebadged Orinoco card that utilized the Hermes chipset. The Hermes chipset is supported, the Broadcom 4307 chipset is not.

Q: Are there any plans to include support for the TrueMobile 1400 in the next version of Netstumbler?

A: You would have to ask Marius, but as a general rule, if you want support for a particular card, your best bet is to donate one to him and ask him to try to include support. There is no guarantee that he will be able to include support just because you donated a card, but it definitely increases the odds.

Q: Is the TrueMobile 1400 a good card for WarDriving?

A: No, it isn't for several reasons.
1-It is not supported by NetStumbler
2-There are no linux drivers so it will not work with Kismet
3-It is an internal card so the range is poor anyway.
4-It is an a/b/g combo card. Since it has 802.11a capability, you cannot add an external antenna to the US Version.

Q: I have a TrueMobile 1400, but I really want to use NetStumbler, what should I do?

A: You should go buy a supported card such as the Orinoco Gold Classic. Any card on the supported card list will work. Choose one of those.
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