NDIS & NetStumbler - FAQ

NDIS & NetStumbler - FAQ

Postby fordem » Fri May 14, 2004 3:33 am

NDIS Drivers - what are they?

NDIS (Network Driver Interface Specification) drivers are the software interface used by Microsoft Windows to talk to the network card, any network card, all network cards. There are different versions of the specification which are used with different versions of Windows.

NDIS2 drivers were used with DOS & early versions of Windows
NDIS3 drivers are used with WFW3.11, Win95, Win98 and WinME
NDIS4 drivers are used with WinNT, Win2K and WinXP
NDIS5 drivers are used with Win2K and WinXP

For NetStumbler to work with non-Hermes based cards, you must have the NDIS5.1 driver for your particular card - typically these are only available for Windows XP and in a few cases for Windows 2000, which also explains why non-Hermes cards are not supported on the earlier operating systems.

NDIS Drivers - where to find them?

NDIS drivers are available for download from the support & downloads page of your card manufacturer's website - get the most recent version for your operating system, if you're lucky, an NDIS5.1 (or later) driver will have been released.

If you're not using Win2K or WinXP, sorry, whilst those are NDIS drivers, they were written for the one of the earlier specifications and won't work.
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