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fun with Hotel cable

Postby beakmyn » Mon Jun 04, 2007 6:21 pm

So I posted my conversion of Major Malfuction's omniremote codebase now for Novii Remote Deluxe (Pocket PC) up on COWF.

Last time I was here in Montana I notice that they put them damn cable locks on. No bother a trip to Lowe's for a $2.97 7/16" 6 sided deep well socket and 30 mins in the basement with my Dremel and now I'm all set.

Now I see there's 10 channels and I've seen other hotel guests using 3 of them.

Setup: Cable from Wall > PCMCIA TV TUNER

my codes for getting a philips tv into service mode don't work, neither do Major Malfunctions :(


Oh, if anyone is interested in seeing the screenshots of one of these booting up check out the project file library on the Church of wifi site.
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