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News of me

Postby Starpoint » Sun Jun 03, 2012 8:49 am

Ok.. its been a while but figured what the hell..

I started a new job back in April.. was released from FMC ... they decide not to extend and offer to me for perm... but I am on re-hire status..

New company is Ergos Technology Partners we do SMB stuff.. and I have to say my skillz in wifi that I learned from Wardriving, reading manuals and stuff plus all the banter with you guys is paying off.. I average about 2 wireless surveys a month.. the company is getting ready to BUY some wireless tools (Wispy pro etc and other stuff) and a laptop to use it all on so we have it all set up for that. I have recommended the laptop be beefy in CPU and memory since I want to run a VM of linux on it so I can run Kismet on it to find those "other" AP's .

I am also schooling up the Lead consultants at work (these are the guys that go to the sites on a regular basis) how to use the scanner software, how to log scans so they can compare it to the last time they were there.. in other words a rolling chart of what has changed if it has changed.

Boss likes the fact that I can tell the client in such a manner what I find, and what can fix it starting with the cheap stuff first.. like moving the damn AP out of the server closet away from all the electrical, or get it out of the false ceiling away from the HVAC ducting, electrical conduit and light fixtures...
So far the LC's have told me what I have recommended has worked and clients are seriously impressed.

We use Sonic Wall gear.... you guys have any good/bad feedback on it?
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Re: News of me

Postby hydro27405 » Fri Jun 15, 2012 9:43 am

I think it's been a bit since I've been on here too. As far as the Sonic Wall stuff we only use it when we need content filtering, I don't care for there wireless products. (personal opinion there).
I've been working with Dragnfly Wireless on and off for several years, now full time, we do WiFi literally coast to coast. We use MikroTik on some, and have been using Ubiquity products in large quantities. We have our own firmware we use on the Ubiquity stuff and it works out real well.

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