Virtually New Verizon Quad Band Touch Pro 2

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Virtually New Verizon Quad Band Touch Pro 2

Postby xor » Sat Jul 17, 2010 10:10 am

I'm awaiting my Driod - X(yes I've heard about the locked boot loaded...Moto suck). I have my old HTC Touch Pro 2 , which is virtually new as my old old one was just replaced by VZW, with a brand new one. Cheap, very cheap, I take no responsibility if you throw it at a wall. Mainly Windows Mobile suck.

No mem card, no sim card(quad band, so it should work on anyones network).

If you are coming to Defcon buy me beer or food and it's yours. If you are not $20 plus shipping. I'm pretty sure I have the box and stuff too.

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