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Postby Guest » Fri Sep 21, 2001 10:49 am

Anyone interested in investigating the various wireless networks i've discovered in the southfield/detroit/dearborn area, drop me a line at incubliss33@hotmail.com

Postby Guest » Fri Oct 12, 2001 7:38 pm

Hay, I'm in the downriver area and just started to stumble. Havn't been out anywhere in the city yet.

Let me know if anyone finds anything.

Postby Guest » Wed Oct 17, 2001 5:27 am

im in southfield
hit me up

West Michigan

Postby Guest » Thu Nov 01, 2001 8:34 pm

Anyone out there looking around ?

Maybe WMU in Kalamazoo ?

I will be going to WMU soon

Postby Guest » Wed Nov 28, 2001 4:16 pm

WMU has a HUGE wireless network, running Cisco equipment. I dont have a laptop but I am interested in getting a PC card that does wireless so I can play around from my dorm when I get there. Any ideas??


Postby Guest » Wed Dec 05, 2001 10:01 am

Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti is pretty active as well.

Postby Guest » Sat Dec 08, 2001 8:26 pm

I am in the Niles area. I have been doing some stumbline around Notre Dame in South Bend and found a couple. I just started doing this today, and plan on doing more. Next time I am up in Kalamazoo I will have to check out WMU.

Detroit area

Postby Guest » Sun Dec 09, 2001 10:46 am

Small industrial and office parks are great. With a stock card and no external antenna, we picked up dozens of APs in a few-hour cruise around the area.

Big Beaver and Maple road, through Birmingham and Troy are goldmines. Northwestern Highway and Southfield were disappointingly thin, I think that's because most of the buildings sit farther from the road. If one of you folks has a directional antenna, poke around the Southfield Town Center area.

Oakland University has a handful of APs with the same SSID, but we had to be on campus to see them, they're not visible from the road with an unaugmented antenna.

Upscale residential areas are worth a cruise too. Rich kids with cable modems and insecure APs are fair game. :)

New points on map. :)

Postby Guest » Thu Dec 13, 2001 11:40 am

A few hours last night on a borrowed GPS unit, and there's now a large blue splotch on the map northeast of Ann Arbor.

West Michigan

Postby Guest » Tue Jan 22, 2002 11:04 am

Battle creek: Thick with open systems, plus what appears to be a FedGov systems...

SE Grand Rapids: (Patterson St) 3 or 4 systems only 2 seem open

Downtown GR: 12 SSID's found, 20+ APs

Anyone wanting to hook up and to a group drive, lemme know.


Detroit and Suburbs

Postby Guest » Fri Jan 25, 2002 10:41 am

Have been poking around the Detroit and Southfield areas. I have a Yagi (built it) and a Parabolic Grid from hyperlink. Just finished both and I am looking forward to "testing" them on point to point and "audit scans" in the area. Also have a DC converter for extended initiatives.

Drop a line with your hot spots. I will be uploading a list soon.



Postby Guest » Fri Jan 25, 2002 4:47 pm

Don't forget about the Rubi-Con in Detroit in April:


There are several presentations on wireless.

Rubi con, whoah..

Postby Guest » Sat Jan 26, 2002 12:32 am

You mean people actually KNOW about Rubicon this time? Nifty. There's a wireless-enabled Starbuck's a few hundred feet from the hotel. (At least according to my mapping software, I haven't physically visited the site yet. Maybe tomorrow.)

Anyone in the area wanna get a temp job at Starbuck's during the con?

a Michigan challenge

Postby Guest » Sat Jan 26, 2002 12:44 am

Can you find my LAN?

Somewhere in southeast Michigan, I've set up an 802.11b device for you to find. The SSID is my phone number. Find it. Call me. I'll buy you dinner.

The device DOES show up in Netstumbler, no sneaky stealth APs or anything.

First hint: You'll need a good antenna, the signal isn't visible from main roads without one.

more on the challenge

Postby Guest » Sat Jan 26, 2002 1:02 am

Oh yeah:

I'll post another hint every few days. If nobody wins in a reasonable amount of time, I may move the device to a better location or add an antenna.

Print out the first posting and keep it with you. It may help if someone asks what that geeky stuff in your car is.

I'd love to see more people set up challenges like this. If more appear in the area, I'll see if I can find yours before you find mine.

Could this be integrated with geocaching somehow? Maybe for the next challenge, the SSID indicates lat/long of a prize?


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