Free game to anyone that sorts mt problem out

Free game to anyone that sorts mt problem out

Postby staffkeeper » Fri Feb 11, 2005 3:20 pm

I`m new to PPC and wireless and have a major headache I have a home network which consists of 3 PC`s one of which is a dedicated download machine.

My problem is I want to connect to the main download pc using my PPC at the moment I`ve got to turn off all the protection from my router and using VM Network Browser I can see all the PC`s on my network but I am unable to connect any of them.

Can anyone help me there is a game of bejewled 2 in it for you if you can.
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What exactly do you want to do?

Postby Sooner Al » Sun Feb 13, 2005 3:39 am

If you want to access network shared files/folders on the PC(s) you can use the built-in File Explorer. On the PocketPC open File Explorer and tap the right-most small icon at the bottom of the window, ie. the icon that looks like a hand holding a trashcan. With the native File Explorere you can copy/cut-n-paste files between the PPC and your PCs, but not open them.

If you want to actually open files across your network on your PPC look at something like Resco Explorer ($$$$) or Netrunner (FREE) to do that...

Note that a version Resco comes free on some PPCs, including the iPAQ 5555. Resco also includes a whole bunch of extra functionality by the way...

All of the above presumes you have shared files/folders configured on your network PCs... :cool:

Now if your talking about accessing and controlling the PC(s), ie. a virtual desktop, you could look at using the built-in Terminal Services Client (TSC), if the PCs are running XP Pro Remote Desktop, or VNC if the PCs are running some other flavor of Windows...

For help with TSC and Remote Desktop look at this page...

Download and install the PC VNC server from here...

Two FREE PPC VNC clients...

Personally I have no idea what using VM Network Browser means...Is that a PocketPC file browser/explorer of some sort? What PocketPC are you using?

FWIW, I use TSC to access/control my XP Pro desktop and VNC (the allware client) to access/control my wife's XP Home desktop with an iPAQ 5555 over my local home LAN. This is using an 802.11b wireless connection to my home LAN. I also use Resco Explorer for access of shared files/folders...
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