Full list of Prism based CF Cards

Full list of Prism based CF Cards

Postby sHARD>. » Tue Dec 14, 2004 5:24 pm

This is a pretty complete list of CF cards that use the Prism chipset and should be compatable with Prism drivers. Enjoy!

Abocom CWB 1000
AboveCable ACPC2000
Adtec 345CF
Alfa AWCF001
Alfa AWCF001A
Ambicom WL1100C
Asus WL-110
Aus.Linx Technology AL-95002CF
Belkin F5D6060
Bromax BPW250-I
Buffalo WLI-CF-S11G
CompuShack Waveline CS-23-543-06
D-Link DCF-650W
D-Link DCF-660W
GemTek WL-379
Hawking Tech. CF100W
Interepoch IWE100-F
Linksys WCF11
Linksys WCF12
Macromate MWN-311
Micronet SP 903
Micronet SP 903B
Netgear MA 701
Philips PH 10878
Planet Technology WL-3600
Planex GW-CF11H
Planex GW-CF110
Sandisk SDWCFB-768
Senao/Engenius SL-2511CF
Sparklan WL-672
SMC 2642W
W-Link WEN-2050
Z-Com XI815
Z-Com XI825
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