Simple Script Rules

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Simple Script Rules

Postby blackwave » Wed Aug 21, 2002 7:07 pm

Here are the rules for having your post have a home in this forum. Please do not deviate.

Script Posting:
- Do Not post anything that is destructive, illegal, unlawful in anyway.

- Please document your scripts as best as you can (otherwise be prepared to answer a lot of the same questions).

- Please supply example of script usage if thought to be necessary.

- Please give a description of the script, and give warnings if necessary. (for example: This script should only be run in a lab environment)

Script Usage:
- Do Not use the script posted for anything destructive, illegal, unlawful in State or Country.

- Read the documenation to the best of your ability, if you still cannot understand, do not use the script or ask the Author before using the script to prevent unexpected behavior or results.

- This is not Programming 101, if you do not know a scripting language, learn it, scripting languages are simple to learn, take the time to read a book, or an eBook.. then feel free to port the script to your favorite language, and post.

- Do not expect a script to be ported to all languages, or just the language that you find of interest. This will probably not happen unless someone feels really sorry for you.

- Expect minimal help with the script you download and use.

- Please do not plagiarise the script(s) you download, if you downloaded it feel free to modify it, and repost, but keep the original Author's name so they may receive the credit deserved. Avoid flamage by being courteous.

... and the most important rule of all... HAVE FUN!

Note: blackwave reserves the right to modify these rules at any time without warning or consequence.
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