Pizza Delivery Riggy goodness

Post info/pics about your rigs that you use for stumbling!

Pizza Delivery Riggy goodness

Postby vilerage » Fri Sep 09, 2005 9:40 pm

Lesse, here's what i run on delivery:

Dell Inspiron 5100 (p4-2.66Ghz/384M ram/80G Hdd)

Debian Linux Testing (2.6.12) Dual booted to WinXP SP2

Buffalo Wireless WLI-USB-G54 11g/b
Buffalo Wireless WLE-HG-NDR 9dbi (i think) Antenna connected via MC
(occasionally for linux) Linksys WPC-11 V3.0
Magellan GPS 310 with my own 'hacked' cord ;] (why pay $50 for a serial cable when i can cut up an old busted mouse and solder it to the PCB?)
NetStumbler/Kismet (depending on my mood)
Wal-Mart 350w peak AC inverter

I have mixed feelings about the Buffalo wifi adapter. It would be WONDERFUL if it would work in linux. I think that setup's pretty good, I seem to get great range (compared to the wpc11 at least) with the antenna attached SOMETIMES.... it depends greatly on what position i place it in, as expected.... I usually clip it to the sunvisor, or jam it in the 'oh sh*t' handle. it's actually somewhat scary how many unsecured nets i find (usually about 80% of them, out of maybe 400/night). Anyone here had any luck getting the abovementioned buffalo adapter running in linux btw?
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