NetStumbler Suggestion - midi should use pentatonic scale

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NetStumbler Suggestion - midi should use pentatonic scale

Postby bhenderson » Thu Aug 26, 2004 4:08 pm


I have been using the midi output for the signal strength to determine when netstumbler is freezing (the tones stop changing when netstumbler freezes - I am still working on fixing the freezing problem) and the chords that result are quite unpleasant to listen to for any length of time, especially if you are musically oriented.

If you made the midi output follow a 'pentatonic' scale, the resulting output would naturally result in harmonious chords - it is the scale that all windchimes use.

Here are two sites with some pentatonic scales:

Here is a windchime site that lists the notes of the chime as well as letting you listen to them:

Basically, you would just program the midi output to skip certain notes, and then repeat the pattern octave per octave.

Changing the midi notes to some kind of natural chords would make using the midi signal strength output much more pleasant to listen to.

Thanks for a great program!
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Postby Rasman32 » Mon Nov 08, 2004 11:17 pm

Guess why I approached the net-stumbler website? For this exact reason!

I use netstumbler for war driving by myself, I cant monitor and drive at the same time. Also when I am in the car with multiple drivers, everyone can stay in tune with the scanning PC (Pun intended)

I was going to propose the Jazz scale, you could get some awsome stuff going.

I am so happy someone else has suggested this! Just a little check box would do the trick, or a drop-down menu to select jazz or pentatonic scale. (I am a drummer, if they are the same, excuse my stick bashfulness)

CAN ANYONE DO THIS!?!?!? oh god it would be a releif to my sore sore ears!

Postby wrzwaldo » Tue Nov 09, 2004 6:59 am

Or you could run the voice script and turn the midi off...
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Postby goldfndr » Wed Nov 10, 2004 7:51 pm

Is there a list of midi numbers corresponding to the desired Pentatonic scale or jazz scale (60 is middle C, C# is 61, E is 64, higher C is 72)? Some gymnastics with midiOutShortMsg could perhaps be performed, given a lookup table.
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Postby goldfish » Sun Jan 09, 2005 5:57 am

I was dicussing this with my mate as I was war-walking the other day. We suggested having a choice of differnt scales, the only problem being the limited number of notes available. All you'd need to do is apply a sort of filter to the existing midi module.

It it can get quite irritating, like you're walking in a bad horror movie! lol! :p And when you don't think it can get any worse, you get another AP discovered and add a 7th note to that dastardly chord of death!

Its all very well to say you can use the voice script, but that doesn't tell you the signal strength very accuratley, if at all. MIDI is more descriptive than 6 wav files. If you have 2 APs both at 3 bars, with midi you can hear one drop off slightly and the other get higher, while they are still both at 3 bars.

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