TomTom gps receiver, import data...

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TomTom gps receiver, import data...

Postby THW Mark » Mon Dec 08, 2003 10:58 am

Like every new member of this forum i'm willing to ask all of the standard questions, like when the new version will be released, etc :p But I guess you guys are not gonna like that question, so let's skip that part...

I was wondering: I have an HP Ipaq 2210 with the standard tomtom2 gps software and gps receiver. Unfortunately, this is not a bluetooth receiver, so connecting to the laptop directly seems impossible.

I thought of some other method, easy to implement and usefull to many ipaq users. There are some pocketpc-utilities capable of capturing gps data and logging to sequential text file. One of the programs I found was GPSengine . (Click to view pdf manual/datasheet)

Capture time is also logged, assuming both pocketpc and laptop are synchronised, importing this data should be possible. Just a matter of matching the <time-laptop> with the closest <time-gps> ...

I have searched for an alternative, broadcasting gps-cable data using the HP2210 bluetooth, but found nothing yet... Merging gps text with NS files might be a usefull addition...


On cards: I have a SMC 2835W cardbus adapter, it does work with XP using the ndis 5.1 driver, but it seems to have the same problems with 'disappearing stumbler' like the Linksys WPC54G and others mentioned in this post
(Usefull addition to the post?)

When this bug is fixed, the program will probably work voor the SMC 2835W as well. (which is a B/G combo card) Whenever testing is required, i'm willing to help of course. (and 20.000 visitors of this board with me I guess)

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How to use your PDA with GPS with your laptop

Postby ikaros » Wed Aug 18, 2004 11:22 pm

I had a similar problem : I have an iPAQ 5550 with a Navman GPS sleeve but it is impossible to connect an external antenna to the iPAQ's built-in WiFi adapter which is anyway incompatible with MiniStumbler :( . I bought an Orinoco PC card Gold which works with Ministumbler and my PDA in the PCMCIA sleeve but then I lost the GPS feature :mad: After a lot of reading and searching, I found this solution which, I hope, will help you:

  • I purchased ( 19$) IRPass from Digital River ( here ). This software is a driver that can connect any Com port of the PDA to another computer (a laptop in my case) trough the serial cable. As my Navman sleeve uses Com4 in my iPAQ, the signal of the GPS receiver is passed to the serial port of the laptop without having to run any software except IRPass on the iPAQ. I tested it also with a USB to Serial cable hooked on a USB port of the laptop and it works too.
  • On the laptop, I installed Netstumbler, MS Mappoint Europe, my Orinoco card with a home made omni antenna and the excellent script described here .

All I can say is that this configuration works great ! My iPAQ with Navman works as a dumb GPS receiver and passes the GPS info to Netstumbler running on the laptop. The script mentioned above starts Mappoint and inserts the discovered APs on the map as they are discovered. :D
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