HOWTO: Run Kismet on an IPAQ (3900 series)

HOWTO: Run Kismet on an IPAQ (3900 series)

Postby beakmyn » Mon Aug 08, 2005 7:52 am

Hardware: Ipaq 3975
Orinoco Gold
PCMCIA sleeve

Install Familiar 0.8.2
Start by Installing Familiar

You can use Opie or GPE. From the little exposure I've had;
  • Eye Candy
  • User Friendly
  • Fewer Apps installed
  • Better Package Manager
  • Doesn't like Network cards being constantly switched ethx keeps increasing

  • GTK based so Console is better suited
  • Gnome like
  • More apps, more memory

I find that if you leave the Ipaq on the cradle and use Hyperterminal through the serial console it's much easier then tap typing on the Ipaq. To make life even better install the nano text editor and use that in console.

Installing Kismet

download and extract kismet
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# wget[i]2005-07-R1[/i]-arm.tar.gz
[i]2005-07-R1[/i] - current build as of Aug 8, 2005
#tar -xzvf kismet-2004-10-R1-arm.tar.gz
#cd kismet-[i]2005-07-R1[/i]
#ipkg install kismet-[i]2005-07-R1[/i]-arm.ipk

Edit your kismet.conf (located in \usr\local\etc)
Edit your kismet_ui.conf

Getting the Orinoco card to work
Orinoco WLAN cards not working

It seems that the current kernel module for this is broken. You can install older versions and get it working again by running this command:

For PXA-based machines (h39xx and later)
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# ipkg -nodeps -force-overwrite install

Use packagemanager to install gpsd

You'll need to disable console login through the serial port /etc/innittab
las line comment out

# gpsd -f /dev/tts/0
Should work

Getting the SD card to work
Try this
I did this and I get a permission denied on trying to run the script. So in a terminal I just issued the commands and it works. It's good until you reboot then you'll have to mount it again. Although it's not suggested you can remove the card while it's mounted :eek: as long as nothing is writing/reading to/from it.

Getting the terminal to work

Under Opie
You may need to install additional fonts that support the standard character set. I couldn't find one that worked in the standard font set. Instead of pipes and corners you'll see boxes and other letters of the extended character set.
Not pretty.

GPE doesn't have this problem since it's console is X11 based.

Code: Select all
Install ncurses
#ipkg install ncurses

Install ncurses-terminfo
#ipkg install ncurses-terminfo

console compatibility

open /usr/local/bin/kismet and insert the following two lines after "#!/bin/sh":
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export TERMINFO=/etc/terminfo
export TERM=linux

You might want to look at the Familiar wiki on "slimdown" to trim the unneeded packages out. There's also a couple google hits for minimum install (removing unneeded)

With your Ipaq on the serial cradle
Fire up Hyperteminal, log into your Ipaq and paste the following command.
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ipkg remove figment figment-locale-de glibc-localedata-de-de \
glibc-localedata-fr-fr gpe-timesheet gpe-today gpe-watch \
libopenobex-1.0-1 locale-base-de-de locale-base-fr-fr \
matchbox-themes-extra-industrial vlc-gpe-locale-de \
vlc-gpe-locale-fr gpe-go gpe-lights gpe-othello gsoko linphone-hh \
linphone-hh-locale-de linphone-hh-locale-fr xdemineur -force-depends

If you want to use a Bluetooth GPS
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Postby theprez98 » Mon Aug 08, 2005 8:43 am

Great howto. I'll do it, as soon as I get that darned Ipaq!
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