Kiswin32 - Kismet for windows in a can!

Postby renderman » Tue Jan 16, 2007 10:40 am

Just a heads up. As mentioned, I'm not maintaining any new builds of Kiswin until Newcore, however that doesn't mean that I haven't had my fingers involved along the way with others.

I've been working with Cacetech, the makers of the Airpcap (windows monitor mode device) on a Kismet for Windows for their device, as well as making sure that the thing also covers Kiswin's primary purpose: Drones.

The new version is available at (near the bottom under the ported apps section)

The new version has a small config util included for setting up local capture sources (like the airpcap) and for very easily adding drones. It's also GPL, so no issues there either

In all, it's better than I could ever do (I'm not a developer) and I have no issues recommending people use it in place of Kiswin. I will be keeping all previous versions up for posterity and as a developer resource, but why duplicate efforts?
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