Prism2 Card

Prism2 Card

Postby g0tr00t » Thu Jun 13, 2002 9:42 am

Ok, after many hours of searching, I still can't find an easy answer.

Orinoco Cards are to Netstumbler as _________ is to Kismet or Wellenreiter.

Please fill in the blank. I am looking at a Prism2 card with external antenna capabilities. I want a GOOD prism2 card. Not just one that will sort of work with Kismet. I know Orinoco works now with Kismet and all that good stuff, but I want the "one" card for Kismet or Wellenreiter.

I know the Cisco aironet LMC-352 card is that "one" but I need one that has not been discontinued.

Also, any ideas on this one? -> RangeLAN2 PCMCIA card.

I have read both sites FAQ's, forums, links, list on their email list too.


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Postby JimmyPopAli » Thu Jun 13, 2002 10:32 am

I don't believe the LMC-352 has been discontinued, I was looking at them today and it said the 4800 series was but this info was from February so it may have changed.

As for which Prism 2 card to get I can't help you there, I do know the Zoomair 4100 has a model with an external antenna connection.

Here's another one but it's $150ish.
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Postby lincomatic » Thu Jun 13, 2002 11:18 am


if you're willing to do some soldering, tons of Prism cards are all based on the same design which has pads onboard to solder on an external antenna jack. some of the cards in this lot can be had for $30 if you look hard enough, and although some retail for over $100, they're really all the same stuff inside.

i got the drivers to load fine w/ RH7.3 right out of the box.

info in this thread:
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