RedHat 7.3 Advice

RedHat 7.3 Advice

Postby TIntruder » Thu May 16, 2002 7:25 am

Hi folks,

I am looking for a few pointers on RedHat.
I am a Linux newbie.

I installed 7.3 last night on my laptop (Dell Celeron500 256mb) and the install went flawlessly, including detecting my Silver card and my USR Prism card, and configuring my Jet Direct printers. Netscape, Netcscape Mail, Mozilla and the online update all worked easily too.

I am using Gnome but also have KDE installed.

Well, 7.3 is a sluggish OS. It takes twice as long to boot as W2K and app startup is so slow that you wonder if you actually clicked on something. Not a good omen.

Now to the problem. I have no problem connecting through my router, DHCP worked with no config necessary, but I need to connect to my W2K and XP systems in order to retrieve other apps and data.

I read three RedHat books, used them for reference, checked help, looked at the Samba and RedHat websites and verified the Samba package was installed, ran RPM -q Samba and saw that it was not running.

I cannot figure how to activate Samba, configure it directly or through helper apps like SWAT, or in any manner access my Windows PCs. (which all have the available UNIX services installed)

Any advice including pointers to easy to follow documentation or simple instructions or even a particularly helpful book would be highly appreciated.

As would any advice on the benefits of .gz versus .rpm packages for install. (I can't seem to associate .gz with Ark through the Nautilus file manager or to figure out how to use a different default file manager)

Also is there a simple method for creating desktop shortcuts without first adding them to the panel, copying them to the desktop then deleting them from the panel?

Thanks in advance for any assistance!
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Me too...

Postby g0tr00t » Thu May 16, 2002 8:40 am

I too am a newbster at Linux. I installed 7.3 on my laptop and it blew up. I am now using Madrake 8.2. I can't answer your questions, but this site has helped me over and over again.

I am currently trying to get Kismet on that badboy.. Ugh, what a chore:(

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Postby f15crewchief » Tue May 21, 2002 9:50 am

Im running red hat 7.2 and after quite abit of kernel hacking and editing my services I can get it to boot faster than WIN XP. Here are a few things you should do. run serviceconf on the command line. Deactivate sendmail, kudzu, netfs, network and portmap (only do these last 3 if you arent remotely mounting your drives). Also, if you havent done alot of work, you should re-install using the custom option and choose to install the kernel sources. Then you can cd to /usr/src/linux* and run make xconfig, which will let you edit the kernel with ease (be careful though)
.gz is a gzip file, run gzip -d filename on the command line.
rpm -ivh filename is a really easy way to install files. you probably wont be able to compile .gz files if you didnt install software development at install time.
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Samba for Dummies

Postby stumble_butt » Sat May 25, 2002 1:44 pm

That is the name of a book - not an insult.

The key for Samba for beginners is in the configuration file. The default (smb.conf) inlcudes a lot of options which are often confusing. To make Samba work your conf file can be as simple as:

workgroup = SIMPLE

comment = For testing only, please
path = /export/samba/test
read only = no
guest ok = yes

I suggest you either get the book or log on to

Once you get a simple Samba configuration file working then add the printer support, etc. Good Luck!:cool:
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