Wellenreiter v1.2 now ready to download

Wellenreiter v1.2 now ready to download

Postby _MAX_ » Thu May 23, 2002 11:28 pm

Hi all, you can download Wellenreiter <a href=//www.remote-exploit.org> here<a>.

<b>About:</b> Wellenreiter is a GTK/Perl program that makes the discovery and auditing of
802.11b wireless networks much easier. All three major wireless cards
(Prism2 , Lucent, and Cisco) are supported. It has an embedded statistics
engine for the common parameters provided by wireless drivers. Its scanner
window can be used to discover access-points, networks, and ad-hoc cards.
It detects essid broadcasting or non-broadcasting networks in every
channel. Non-broadcasting networks could be uncovered automatically. The manufacturer and WEP is automaticly detected. A flexible sound event
configuration lets you work in unattended environments. An ethereal / tcpdump-compatible dumpfile can be created for the whole session, so
detailed analysis at another location is easy. GPS support tracks the
location of the discovered networks immediantly. Automatic associating is
possible with randomly generated MAC addreses, so you dont have to work
with your real MAC address anymore. Wellenreiter can reside on low-resolution devices that can run GTK/Perl and Linux/BSD (such as iPaqs).

<b>Changes:</b> BSD now has a scanner window, and it can export in Netstumbler, CSV, and
gpsdrive waypoint formats. The acoustic beacon indicator can now be
toggled, it is possible to decide which channel to scan, and the upper end
of channels can be limited to prevent problems with Lucent cards. Fixed the
collapsed state of the tree after a reset/load, and an error with assertion. Simplified the create dumpfile process. Auto-save and recover was added, along with a new config directory and updated documentation. The new menu makes handling easier.
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Postby Dr3D1zzl3 » Wed May 29, 2002 6:52 pm

great program i commend your efforts.
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