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Setting GPS Port Hangs My PocketPC

PostPosted: Sun Aug 04, 2002 9:14 am
by lincomatic
Q: I played with the GPS port settings, and now MiniStumbler locks up and freezes my PocketPC. How do i fix it?

Due to a bug in the PocketPC OS, if you accidentally set MiniStumbler to use the comm port associated with your IrDA device, it will lock up or slow down your PPC and thenceforth, do the same every time you start MiniStumbler.

1) get a registry editor. I like PHM Registy editor. It's good and it's free:
2) edit HKCU\Software\Bogosoft\MiniStumbler\GPS Port and set it to 1 or just delete it.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 11, 2002 7:18 am
by setimaster
Excellent Post, I just used it on my IPAQ 3975. I had Pharos Ostia loaded and was hanging up my stumbler. Removing the key fixed it.

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