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PostPosted: Tue Sep 24, 2002 9:24 am
by Thorn
"All-thread" is a brand name for threaded rod. If you want a very complete parts list for the Pringle's cantenna, go to, and read Rob Flickenger's original article. He gives a parts list with prices.

Is it too much to ask you to please use capitalization and punctuation? Those run-on, never-ending sentences are hard to read.

Yes, the perfect size is about 16" long, and a diameter of 3.75".

PostPosted: Fri Dec 27, 2002 10:40 am
by wyowifi
I too have countless hours reading antennae posts, using site calculators, finding cheap supplies, etc. seems like you need to be into the thrill of experimenting, have the tools, meters and etc to make it worthwhile. For beginners its probably worth it to buy one. Theres a thread here about a $20 super cantennae, no results but looks ok for the price, lightweight. Also Hyper link has some nice ones for $45-$65. Could save time trying to figure out if what you built is any good. I also wonder about running around pointing some homebrew antennae around, it is microwave after all. Wonder about the guy with it in his back pack, or in the back seat of his car. Don't think I would want to do that for long periods. I have also seen alot of contradictions in calculations for sizes, lengths, that have my head swimming trying to make sense. But I like building so I made a couple to try out. JMO :)
PS Welding rod comes in 5 lb cans that look like a pringles can but more durable 3.075 by 14 inches. Little small on diameter but then you don't have to eat those chips. Welding shops throw them away.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 13, 2003 4:48 pm
by chuck2
thorn, you say 3.75" is the perfect diameter, I am curious about how that came about, because I was on and I came up with 2409.29 as the cut off for TM01 with a diameter of 3.75. BUT, it states that the cut-off should be higher than 2462.00.

Is his math bad, or is there a better snr in a can with this diameter?

PostPosted: Thu Mar 13, 2003 6:54 pm
by Thorn
The formulas I've used work out to 92-94mm which is just about 3.75". I think his math is a bit off, but it could be the particular formula he has used.

In this thread, Novilio seems to agree that around 3.75 is the maximum diameter.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 15, 2003 10:34 pm
by chuck2
thorn, cool! thats the answer i was looking for, I figured his math was off or something. I think I'm gonna read the arrl handbook. Oh, thanks for the quick response too, I was rackin my brain trying to figure out how 3.75" came about, I did end up figuring on 3.66", and at that point the math isn't off by much.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 17, 2003 9:10 am
by sysadmn
Originally posted by astcell
I wonder if offering a reward for a 50db antenna would be a challenge to anyone, and what $ amount would entice folks...

LOL. 50 dB? Would that be a K band satellite dish with a Yagi in the feedhorn?