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FAB Corp

PostPosted: Tue Jan 28, 2003 4:06 am
by Borg Man
Time flys when we are all having fun. It seems this post just keeps getting deleted - Not like FAB has not offered to sponsor like Wireless Central.Net to get banner ads, but our requests went unanswered.

This is just my every 3 or 4 month reminder - as new Stumblers come into existance - (Welcome) :)

FAB Corp, offers Netstumblers special deals - special prices, and the best product, (as shown by other Netstumbler users.)

Our famed mini-mag antenna, stumbler price $60, (regardless of what the website price is), that comes with a N Female connector on it.

Pigtails - MC (ORiNOCO) or MMCX (Aironet), 12 and 19 inch - $15.00 again regardless of what the website price is.

Most people get 1 pigtail and 1 antenna and call it the stumbler special. We have everything IN STOCK and get orders out the same day in most cases.

Now, in addition to the above, as Stumblers you are all entitled to special pricing from FAB on EVERYTHING else also. We offer a 7% discount off any other product listed on our site. This is automatic, no coupons, no special deals... just because you are you :)

What you need to do in order to get this is very simple... place your order on our site, in the comments field or the field that asks where you heard about us put Netstumbler - and when I or Jeff key your order, we AUTOMATICALLY will put you in the right price list.

As you can ask most anyone here, FAB was here from nearly the start of Netstumbler - we have helped give many stumblers bragging rights on how many APs they were able to find. For one reason or another, the instructions on how to do this will likely dissapear, so if you are one with a short memory (like myself :) print this out... it may not be here next time you look. BlackWave is also a very good source to find out info about us.

One last thing - if you need to e-mail me, please use either or - you can use the NS mail, but I frequently forget I have any before I look :) I am sometimes slow to respond, but I do respond.

When e-mail just isn't good enough and you need someone voice, (I saw someone mention they had to call a few times to reach anyone), we are a small company, that has not changed since day one, I don't want it to - most customers don't either because then we get too busy to work with project groups such as Netstumbler, or IrishWAN, or any of the many wireless groups we work with. Please leave a message, our phone number is 727-853-0256 Jeff or myself will call you back 99% of the time the day you call.

Okay, now the floor is open you can all beat me up as needed :)