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Programming section

PostPosted: Tue Oct 05, 2004 2:03 pm
by matique
I noticed that there is not much support for developers who want to make there own stumbers or other wireless tools. I believe many would support a section on wireless development and could contribute.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 05, 2004 7:16 pm
by PaPPy
there is a place for scripting and one for other other stumblers but nothing really programming. true true

PostPosted: Wed Oct 06, 2004 5:15 am
by Thorn
Part of the reason that there is currently no Programming Forum is that NetStumbler and MiniStumbler are not open source and never will be. Marius, the author of the programs, is under several NDAs. See the Sun 1 Feb 2004 entry at: Marius does provide some links for people wishing to develop their own applications under the Wed 16 Apr 2003 entry.

Other tools such as kismet and PocketWarrior have their own sites. Some of those sites discuss their programs development in detail and even have their own fora.

So we can't discuss the development of NS and MS, and other tools have their own sites. Based on that it would seem that a Programming Forum would not have much use, or would extend far beyond NetStumbler (which is after all, the whole reason for these fora.)

If there some other need that such a forum might fill, put in your thoughts. Adding a new forum takes a fair amount of user support before the Admins will put it on.