What is this tiny connector inside my card?

What is this tiny connector inside my card?

Postby The Others » Sun Apr 11, 2004 6:51 am

Q: I opened up my card and found a tiny connector soldered to the board. What is it?

A: Chances are it's a Hirose MS-156. Also known as a U.fl/Hirose. These are commonly found on wifi cards, on both PCMCIA and mini-PCI varieties. They are also employed elsewhere, and are popular on bluetooth cards. The connectors measure 2.7 x 2.7 mm: They project 1.7 mm above the PCB. No cards featuring this connector are supported by netstumbler.




Pigtails are available from a number of sources. Suppliers can be found by searching the forum. These pigtails come with a warning, however: These connectors are designed for testing purposes, not long term use. Hirose connectors are designed for a maximum of 100 insertions. Therefore, regular use will lead to the quick end of your pigtail and possably the card. Don't expect pigtails to be cheap: Like all microwave cables prices are high because of the work involved in producing them. Extra cost may be experianced with Hirose connectors becuase of their relative rareity.
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