Management of stumbling data

Management of stumbling data

Postby Spanky6186 » Mon Apr 25, 2005 11:02 pm

Hi all.

One thing that has frustrated me with my stumbling is the management of my data/log files. I know many experienced stumblers make good use of the merge features offered by Netstumbler to merge their NS1 log files together.

But personally I found this to be not quite the solution I was after.

What I needed was

1/. A way of merging netstumber logs together

2/. A way of interacting/querying the merged data from other applications for a number of different purposes

3/. Inserting the total collection of found AP's into different Oziexplorer map files

I have also started using Airodump recently & found that it provides a more information (such as detailed encryption type) than what Netstumbler currently provides & allows me to see which AP's in my area of responsibility are broadcasting the most traffic. I also wanted a way of incorporating the Airodump log files (the CSV's) into this data set as well.

So, on the weekend I sat down & came up with the attached tool

What the tool allows me to do is merge a set of NS1 log files together, and incorporate the data captured by Airodump (no, not the actual captured packets, I have no interest in cracking any WEP encrypted AP's!) over a period of time. This information is then written into an XML formatted file, allowing me to create additional tools to query the data. This 'summary' file can then be updated with subsequent netstumbler or Airodump log files, effectively keeping a history of my stumbling in the one file.

The tool also allows me to insert the AP's from a single ns1 log file into an OziExplorer map file, or even insert all the AP's from the merged dataset into an OziExplorer map file.

The tool is in two parts, a simple GUI and a DLL. The most work (and functionality) has been put into the DLL. The reason for this is that I want others to be able to use the functionality I have created in their own tools. The GUI is a very rudimentary front end really only intended for testing (it is reasonably useable however) and to illustrate how to call the functions of the DLL.

The zip file contains the following directories
- binary (Contains the executeable and dll)
- source (Contains the source code for both the GUI and the DLL)
- Oziexplorer_icons (simplistic icons for use by Oziexplorer. The code that inserts the map features into the OziExplorer map file uses these icons by name)
- documentation (contains developer documentation ONLY - the Converter Object model, the converter intellisense xml file (for use when coding with Visual Studio) and html formatted class documentation.)

Now come the caveats.

1/. This was written in about 48 hours overall. It is far from complete. It is however quite functional as is. There are still features to add & improve. Some functionality may not necessarily be 100% correct. This is effectively Alpha version software. As such, make sure backups of any files are made before use. The reason the tool has been released is to gauge interest. If this is something that is useful to people, I'll continue to develop it. If its not useful to anyone but me, then I'll stop working on any extra features & keep it for myself.

2/. The tool was written in Visual Studio 2003. It runs quite happily on top of the .Net 1.1 runtime. It has not been tested with the .Net 1.0 runtime (although it should still work). Theoretically, it should also run on top of mono on Linux, but again, this has not yet been tested.

3/. The DLL is currently a .Net assembly. It has not been built for COM interoperability. IF you would like it to be (so you can interact with it from a VB Script or a COM based application) let me know,I will be happy to oblige.

4/. The developer documentation is only preliminary at this stage. If there is enough interest in the tool, it will be added to eventually.

5/. The code has been provided on the understanding that any changes made to it will be sent on to me (email address is below)

If you have any
-useful suggestions,
-problems with the tool or code,
-bug fixes,
-code changes
please email me here .

If you are after help to:
- setup/use/abuse netstumbler,
- setup/use/abuse airodump/aircrack/airsnort,
- merge Airodump cap files,
- save your cat from the tree
send an email to user@


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Postby Spanky6186 » Wed Apr 27, 2005 6:59 pm

I've knocked a page together for any updates to the tool & the doco.

Find any updates and downloads at
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Postby fatboylives » Sat Aug 20, 2005 4:34 am

I have done the same. I create data files for each AP by merging all the ns1 files together. Still playing but have done a Canberra map in my spare time
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