NDIS, WMI, and VB. Custom app help.

NDIS, WMI, and VB. Custom app help.

Postby LostIt » Sun Oct 14, 2007 11:59 am

Hello people. I'm working on my own 'NS like' software. Features aside, I have a small problem. I am using WMI to access NDIS in Visual Basic. I had to dig quite a bit around the net to get the references I needed but I managed to get a listing of available access points... sort of. For some reason, only one access point is listed in my app when Netstumbler (correctly) shows 2 (both mine, in the the same room.)

If anyone has had experience using the WMI with NDIS please reply. Even if it wasn't VB you accessed WMI in... Help is appreciated!
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