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the amount of *unsupported devices* is rediculous

the amount of *unsupported devices* is ridiculous

ive tried running 4 variants of a wireless card driver on the same card. they all work just fine.

so why teh fuck would you prevent the netstumbler from listening on an unknown device? its freeware right? how about instead of an INCLUDE FILTER you use an EXCLUDE FILTER.. so that only wireless devices that (spontaneously explode- cause that doesnt happen anyways) get put on a black list. ...
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how to get internet to my tv

I have an USB Alfa wifi wireless network adapter connected to my PC and am receiving my internet connection from an adjacent building without any problems. I want to connect my TV and DVR to the internet also. Those connections are Ethernet. How can I connect my internet to those devices from my PC?
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Channel 149 in NetStumbler

Hi i would like to ask why the netstumbler software can detect channel 149? Is it supposed to only have up to channel 13 or 14 at the maximum??

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How To Compute the Signal Percentage from NetStumbler?

Hi i just want to know how to compute the signal percentage from net stumbler. The only field that is closely related to it is the "signal" however it is in dbm. say for example i want to put an ap with an overlapping of at least 10-15%of signal. How can i translate the signal in dbm to signal percentage??

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Do 802.11a/n and 802.11b/g/n Have Diff. Base Radio Mac Add?

Hi all,

Do 802.11a/n and 802.11b/g/n Have Diff. Base Radio Mac Add? Because on my netstumbler i can detect multiple mac address only differing on the last digit. Im just thinking if they are just in one AP?

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WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

Who needs it? For anyone who wants a fast and reliable way to back up or convert DVD to various formats on almost all Windows operation systems, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum offers 3 different copy modes for DVD backup and over 300 profiles for electronic devices. To remove the built-in 5 minutes conversion limit you need a license that charges $60 normally. But you don't have to pay the full price, Grab this offer to ...
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Part 11

The document titled IEEE Std 802.11g-2003 Has the following description:

IEEE Standard for Information technology-- Local and metropolitan area networks-- Specific requirements-- Part 11: Wireless LAN Medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) Specifications: Further Higher Data Rate Extension in the 2.4 GHz Band

Can some body tell me what is Part 11?
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How to connect netstumbler to VB6 ?

anyone can help me "How to connect netstumbler to VB6 ?"
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multi-band antennae

Hi guys, please bear with as I am green when it comes to antennae knowledge. So I have this wireless device and was hoping to get advice on how to use for free internet/tv channels here is antennae specs and model, multi-band panel Dual polarization, half-power Beam width frequency range 698--806 MHz 824--894MHz 1710--1755MHz 1850---1990MHz +45 degree --45 degrees Max power 500w Impedence 50 Ohms. There is much more but that will get me going ...
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How to read NetStumbler file

I'm still confused how to use netstumbler and how to read the file, anyone can help me please? :confused:
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